Fantasy Surrealist and Abstract Animalier

Hello I'm Chel, an Australian artist based in Sydney, I work in traditional and digital media as well as sculpting unique art dolls with clay, felt and my very limited sewing skills!My artwork is inspired by an array of animals both from our real word living or since passed, fantasy creatures and anything in-between. It is my hope to capture the unique diversity and personalities of the livings things around us.Here you will find a small showcase of my art, where to find me and commission information.
Any questions feel free to direct them to any of my social media. ♥

Professional Portfolio

Hello my name is "Chel"
I'm a professional artist based in Sydney, skilled in both traditional and digital design and art. Working as a freelance artist and previously in a studio.
Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony/ Storyboard pro and Clip Studio.
I wish to add to my list when time is available such as further experience in the Adobe suite and blender.

Professional overview:
2009 - 2014
Children's After school tutor at Arttrain and Killarney heights HS
Winner of MAG&M Society Youth Art Award "Express Yourself"
Studied diploma of Interactive Design and Media at Enmore design Centre
2015 - 2016
Concept Artist & Clean up Artist on ABC's Prisoner Zero
2016 - Present
Working on freelance projects for private clients creating logos, custom art and game assets.

Demo Reel (WIP)

Illustrations & Artworks

Concept Art & Game Assets

Graphic Design

Commissions Closed

I have created a catalogue of the services I offer.
Follow the below guide to get an estimate quote for any project you have in mind!
I have my range of artworks listed bellow if you don't see what you want or have any other questions please reach out either via contact form or email me here:
[email protected]
**Please read my Terms of Service, by commissioning me you're agreeing that you've read the TOS and are 18+ years of age.
updated 11/08/2022~ **

All prices are in AUDI accept P-Pal, Square, Stripe & PayID

How to Order

1. Pick a Type

These are the starting prices based on level of complexity.

StyleHead ShotBustWaist UpFull Body
Chibi$15 AUD$20 AUD-N/A$25 AUD
Standard$40 AUD$60 AUD$80 AUD$100 AUD

2. Pick a Medium

Price add ons are for Traditional only.

A5 + $15 | A4+ $20 | A3 + $25 | A4+ $40

Traditional Artworks can be shipped via mailing tube or package
for $15 - 30 AUS, $30 - 60 International.

3. Add ons

Additional characters, Props, accessories, etc.
Outfits & costumes, Backgrounds and detailed scenes.
Not sure? Just ask!

Percentage added onto commission base prices
Extra Character + 50% | Props & Accessories+ 15%
Outfits & Costumes + 15% | Background & Scenery+ 25%
Edits & Alt versions+ 5%

Other Options

Make it a Badge, Sticker or Character Sheet!
These are flat prices


StyleHead ShotBustFull Body
Digital$60 AUD$75 AUD$90 AUD
Traditional$90 AUD$110 AUD$130 AUD

Digital badge comes one sided with section marked for an eyelet
(+ $20 to laminate digital badge)
Traditional Badge comes laminated with eyelet. Art one side and cardstock on back.Traditional Artworks can be shipped via mailing tube or package
for $15 - 30 AUS, $30 - 60 International.

Single~ $20~ | 3 Pack~ $55~ | 6 Pack ~ $105~

Default style is what you see in examples.

Includes ready to use Telegram pack and folder of all sticker files

Character/ Ref Sheet

2 views3 viewsOutfitsAccessoriesAlt version
$260 AUD$360 AUD$30 AUD each$15 AUD each$30 - 60 AUD

Default style is what you see in examples.

(Individual quote based on complexity)
Can work off of old designs, collection of images and/ or written descriptions.
All ref sheets are SFW unless specified. final product will be HD file of ref sheet(s).

Artistic Liberty Illustrations

Starting pricesDigital: $50 AUDTraditional: $100 AUD
Each hour after:Digital: $25 AUDTraditional: $50 AUD

Working off a music prompt and/ or mood board. A digital illustration will be created based on the prompts provided. These illustrations are unplanned and very go with the flow, a fun and cheap option for a full artwork!
Traditional Artworks are A3 only and can be shipped via mailing tube or package
for $15 - 30 AUS, $30 - 60 International.

Terms of Service

Updated: 12/11/2022*Thank you for taking an interest in my art!
Before going ahead please have a read of my Terms of Service (TOS) ,
If you have any questions or need some help please message me on my social media or email me at “ [email protected] " *
★ These TOS are subject to change ChelRiotART/ Chel Riot/ Cawbaret/ Rachel (Chel) Marriott (Also known as the Artist) will publicly notify of any changes to the Terms of Service as well as notify any current customers, by purchasing a commission off of the Artist you are agreeing to these TOS.The “Artist” refers to Chel Riot/ Cawbaret, the service provider.
The “Client” is the customer purchasing said service (These conditions also include Clients via free promotions, giveaways and other means of receiving art without making a purchase and clients through Patreon or any other third parties. With consideration the third parties own terms.)
By purchasing from the Artist the Client is agreeing they’re 18+ years of age, the Client may be required to provide proof of age in the case of a payment plan or NSFW commissions.
Client must be 18+ to work with the artist and by placing an order you are agreeing that you’re 18+.
Average completion time of products is 4 - 12 weeks, this may vary due to excess of contract work and overly detailed pieces which may affect wait times which will be noted in the commission queue and in communications with the Clients.
If there is a due date for a product this must be disclosed upon ordering to allow for completion dates to be discussed and confirmed before purchasing, additional charges may be made for rush commissions.
The Artist requires at minimum one month of notice, larger and/ or more detailed products will require extra time as well as products that require shipping, express postage in such case will be an additional cost to the Client.
To request a commission Clients will be required to either fill out a google form, Carrd form or an email form.
By filling this form the Client is agreeing to the quoted price of the product(s). Upon processing the Request form the Artist will invoice the Client, Invoices must be paid within 48hrs, a reminder email/ message will be sent if Client fails to pay after 48hrs a second failure to pay will result in Client losing their place in the Artists Commission Queue. The Client will be required to resubmit their form again.
Payments must be made upfront before the Commission can commence. Payment plans are available for commissions over $350 Product will not be delivered until final payment is made.
The only payments accepted by the artist are Páýpál, Stripe or Square for Australian or international clients and direct bank transfer/ PayID for Australian clients only. Clients will be asked preference before being invoiced. Square and cash payments accepted at stores and convention tables.
Refunds are not available for change of mind, by filling out the commission form and paying the invoice the Client is committing to the service provided by the Artist. Refunds are issued within 48hrs of cancellation of commission.
Refunds for physical goods: Please note goods purchased through a third party such as Redbubble or Society6 will be subject to their own refund policy, the Artist will take appropriate steps to assist the Client if this is the scenario.
Goods purchased direct from the artist will be subject for a full refund if:
An item arrives damaged with proof provided.
The Artist cancels the order for whatever reason.
The item is lost in mail and tracking # and postage company fail to locate item.
The Client cancels before completion or delivery a partial refund will be available at discretion of the Artist. This will be calculated based on how much work has been completed and if there is any resale value in the product.
The Artist reserves the right to repurpose any uncompleted or undelivered artworks for resale with respect to the Clients intellectual property/ concepts.
Refunds for digital goods: Please note I will not send partially completed artworks, full refunds will be provided if:The Artist cancels the order for whatever reason.
The Client cancels before completion or delivery to which a partial refund will be available at discretion of the Artist. This will be calculated based on how much work has already been completed.
The Artist reserves the right to repurpose any uncompleted art for resale with respect to the Clients intellectual property/ concepts.
For information on refunds due to postage error please read above. All shipping is tracked and done through AUSpost. Shipping costs are factored into the price of physical goods. Any additional charges such as express or international shipping will be charged to the client. International shipping costs are a case by case basis.
Clients will be sent progress updates for larger pieces that require approval before certain stages such as sketching, inking and colouring. This mostly is only required for illustrations and traditional artworks. Updates outside of this must be requested, please note updates may take up to a week depending on current workload.
Up to 3 changes are allowed at the sketching stage. Up to 3 minor changes on completed pieces. Changes after this will be an additional $30 p/ hour min charge of $30. Any Revisions or changes upon final delivery will be disregarded as the Artist requires final approval before delivery.
The Artist holds full copyright of images they produce unless under contract. The Artist holds the right to redistribute the artworks digitally and reproduce for sale on digital and physical products.
The Client may use the artwork for non-profit redistribution digitally and in person. Example: As a social media profile or for private use as a wall print or clothing. As long as the artwork is not being sold or used for profit. If the Client wishes to use the product for commercial purpose the licensing must be purchased from the Artist which will be an additional quote and cost to the Client.
The Artist reserves full discretion to refuse any commissions that are of an excessively mature theme, depictions of illegal activities or themes such as;
Sexual interactions involving animals (Including feral characters).
Sexual interactions involving characters human or anthro under 18.
Nudity or sexual situations depicting characters human or anthro under 18.
Explicit violence such as abuse, rape, murder, Snuff etc.
Vulgar themes involving excessive body horror, gore, scat, vomit, hard vore, etc
Any themes not listed can be discussed between Artist and Client.★CODE OF CONDUCT
By commissioning the Artist both the Artist and Client agree to communicate in a civil and timely manner. Both parties also agree to the Terms of Service outlined in this document.
Thank you for taking the time to read Chel Riot's Terms of Service, the Artist looks forward to working with you!If there are any concerns please contact me on any of my online accounts under “ChelRiotArt”, “Cawbaret” or email me [email protected]

Order Form

Fill in with information about the artwork you'd like to commission, if you're not sure or make a mistake don't worry I will go over the details with you! ♥** Please note if you wish to commission multiple pieces you may have to fill out this form multiple times. **